Who We Are


Ashley Sawyer
Academic Director

Ashley Sawyer is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and has been a resident of Los Angeles, California for most of her life. Ashley's passion for education began in adolescence, and she has taught in various contexts since high school. In her early twenties, Ashley began working with individual students to provide support for learning differences and behavioral challenges.

As she started building curriculum and delving deeper into academia, Ashley sought to engage her students on a more intimate level. She wanted to build trust with them and hone skills at home where homework is primarily completed. Taking a holistic approach, Ashley also began developing effective partnerships with teachers and administrators to foster more meaningful change in her students’ lives.

Driven by her positive experiences with students and schools over a ten year period, Ashley created Stone X Stone in 2015 as a way to serve more students and families. As in the beginning, the same goal remains: to infuse one-to-one teaching with more conscientiousness, empathy, and heart.  


The Stone x Stone Team

Our team of exceptional tutors represent Cal State Los Angeles, University of Oregon, Bennington College, and UCLA. Their experience and passion for helping students achieve their academic goals embodies the philosophy of Stone x Stone Education.



Stone x Stone Education works with leading Los Angeles neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists. 



We also collaborate with Los Angeles Blue Chip, a program that works to integrate cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development of the whole child. They use basketball as a powerful tool to supplement and support the learning that occurs in the classroom as well as in the home.